Getting Ready for the
35th Season of Room In The Inn

A group of fourteen volunteers from Nolensville First UMC attended the Room In The Inn open house on August 27. 

All of the RITI staff knew about NFUMC's initiative to spread the word about the ministry and to engage more with RITI. They are as excited as we are!

 This year when winter shelter starts, it will be their 35th year and they have over 200 congregations who participate in sheltering people between November and March.

More impressive were the day-to-day services that they provide in downtown Nashville, such as recuperative care, veteran's assistance with an effective partnership with the VA, laundry services, foot care, and residential transitional living.

The individual care and attention that people receive at RITI stands out. 

The RITI initiative team at NFUMC will be talking to the small groups throughout our church to help you kick start your creative brains on ways to support this ministry but more importantly, to educate the community and find ways to help more people experience Jesus through serving other people.

If you are not in a small group, or even if you are not a member at Nolensville First UMC, reach out to Mary Beth Hagan for information so you can plug into this initiative. There are opportunities for all of us.


Nolensville First UMC has been participating in Room In The Inn for many years, providing a warm meal and bed for homeless men during the cold months. All ages in our church family have served here, as well as other churches from the community. In serving our guests, we experience Jesus. Did you know that Room In The Inn also provides year-round services to people experiencing homelessness? Services include education, workforce training, transitional housing, telephone and computer access, and many other ministries at their Nashville location.

As a result of our participation, the Church Council of Stewards has decided to make Room In The Inn our focus ministry over the 2019-2020 season. Our goal is to bring awareness to our community about Room In The Inn  and to provide opportunities for more people to experience Jesus by serving in this ministry. 

We have a team of volunteers who are available to guide you, your Sunday School class, or small group in finding ways to bring awareness to Nolensville of this worthy ministry so others can experience Jesus in service and connection with this ministry.¬†The team members are Mary Beth Hagan, Carol Domaleski, Jason Bostelman, Jamie Albers, Nancy Shade, Amanda Zazworsky, and Kevin Gavin.¬†Feel free to ask any of the team for more details or to talk with Pastor Jimmy.¬† Remember ‚Äď

we all have a story to share!