Latest Developments in the Church Basement

Videos and fundraising updates are here.

June News

The soft opening of the refreshed church basement was a great success! Thank you to all that came to see the new look. We are very appreciative of the help we received in furnishing the remodeled area: it is really looking like a completed project. We plan to have an official open house later in July. We cannot thank you enough for all the physical help, financial support, and prayers that we received while working on this project. We feel very blessed! Stay tuned for details on the open house!  

March News

We are entering the final big installation of the REFRESH Project: the installation of the café is scheduled to start the week of March 7.  We will be installing the café cabinets, the high top island, the countertop, and the appliances. The cabinets are going to become part of the time capsule we leave for future generations, as all are invited to stop by and write a message on the back of the cabinets. A couple of cabinets will be available March 6-13 for you to write your message of love and remembrance! Come by the refreshed café area and leave your message! As we push towards the finish line, please be on the lookout for a list of small projects we could use your help with. These projects are not hard, but we really could use your help by volunteering to work with us. We will publish this list in the coming days. We are so appreciative of the volunteer help we have had with this project so far! We think we are going to have an area to be very proud of when we are done! Thank you for your prayers and your help, for without them, this project would still just be a good idea!  

February News

We are getting closer to the finish line! Unfortunately, we had to move the finish line as we have experienced unforeseen contractor delays and sicknesses. As of publishing time, we are back on track with everyone working towards that finish line. All but five of the new room doors have been installed and at least 90% of the base and door trim has been completed. The electricity modifications have been completed, new lights have been installed, and the finish work for electricity is almost completed. All new plumbing has been installed in the café area, the bathrooms, and the new ADA bathroom. The new toilets and sinks have been set and the vanities will be installed next. The ceiling is currently being installed and will receive a final coat of sealer. The café cabinets and countertops are to be installed after the ceiling work is completed. We are still planning on having the “Refresh Project Baby Shower,” so keep watch for information concerning that celebration! We appreciate your patience, as we know you all are anxious to see the area finished, but the health and welfare of the workers on the project are of upmost importance to us — the brick and mortar can wait. Thank you for your continued prayers and support! 

The Refresh Project Committee 

January News

We are getting closer and closer to the finish line, as much progress has been made and the basement is beginning to look like a nice, big, bright, functional area! The interior walls have been installed, sheetrock is up, finished, and ready for a final coat of paint. A big new window has been installed on the north wall and the trim around the doors, windows and baseboards has been installed. New interior doors are scheduled to be installed the first week of January. The ceiling materials (shiplap) will be delivered, stained, and installed in the next two weeks. Some of the new kitchen appliances have been delivered and will be installed once the cabinets and countertops are in place later in the month. The bathrooms have received an update with new paint, fixtures, and new plumbing lines. A new ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) complaint bathroom has been built, and an ADA compliant sidewalk to the pavilion has also been installed. The Refresh Committee will be posting information about a “Baby Shower” for the Youth area. A list of items needed to complete the decorating and furnishing will be published; we hope that you can once again help in obtaining these items. Our plan is to have most of the loose ends shored up by the end of January. The excitement of revealing the updated area with you and making it available for everyone to use is growing in leaps and bounds; it has been almost nine months since we started, but we think it will be worth the wait!  

December News

The REFRESH project is continuing! Drywall is going in, drainage plumbing for the new ADA bathroom has been installed, the electricians are finishing up, and, as of press time, the insulation between the basement and the Sanctuary is being installed. Thank you for your support and prayers! 

November News

The refresh project continues in full motion. The new flooring has been installed in most of the area, the water supply lines have been completed, the new walls are framed in and ready for electric and plumbing to be installed. The new HVAC systems have been ordered will be installed soon, updating the old units and making the HVAC system better and more energy efficient. We have already realized the value of the new moisture control system as the sump pump has activated several times during heavy rains, and the floors stayed dry! The grading of the yard remains on the “to-do” list and will be completed as the weather allows and the utility contractors complete their projects. The REFRESH project includes additional storage areas and shelving for the Youth and Scout programs, as well as the Children’s program — we cannot wait to see these spaces put to use. The addition of a new ADA compliant bathroom will be starting soon.

The REFRESH project committee and the Board of Trustees wish to thank you for your continued support and we look forward to opening our doors for use. As we get closer to the “grand opening,” you will be invited to participate in a “gift shower.” We will have a wish list of the items needed to finish the look of the updated area. We hope you will participate in finding and providing the finishing touches! Keep an eye out for the wish list and have fun shopping.

Also, please be watching for announcements concerning upcoming opportunities for volunteering with exterior grading work, painting exterior walls, and building storage shelves. If you have time and can assist in these areas, please contact Kevin Gavin or Jeff Mucci for details. The painting can be done any day the weather allows. Complete work day details will be announced soon. And be on the lookout for more of Pastor Jimmy’s infamous REFRESH videos!

Thank you,
The REFRESH Committee 

October News

the REFRESH project  is well underway! The foundation under the Sanctuary has been shored up and barriers have been up so there will not be any more water seepage through the foundation. Forms have been placed for the new sidewalk. In October, the new flooring, doors, and windows will go in. We are so thankful for your all your support and God’s blessings on this project!

P.S. As of press time, the concrete is being poured!

September News

the REFRESH project is well under way! We completed another demolition and cleanup day in August, with many volunteers working to get the area ready for the contractors. The volunteer help so far in this project is over 250 hours and has accomplished the sorting of items in the basement, demolition of the area, and the required prep work. A big THANK YOU to all the volunteers, your efforts are truly appreciated.

The HVAC contractors began their work last month and the current air-ducts have been cleaned, sealed, and insulted; this will allow air to be more efficiently directed. The masonry contractor has begun to close the west doorway/stairwell. They have also begun work on readying the north wall for the new entrance door and window. We experienced a delay with the new sidewalk, as the gas company began working on upgrading gas lines in Nolensville. The new gas line was not part of our REFRESH project, so we are working closely with the gas contractors as they perform the required work of supplying both sides of our building with new, upgraded gas lines. Please be patient during this work, as they plan to cross the driveway in completing their task.

After the gas and concrete work is completed, we will begin inside projects. The work required to manage the water seepage issue on the street-side of the church will be addressed, the new flooring is scheduled, and putting up new walls will begin. The New HVAC units and additional ducting will be installed for the classrooms and the new kitchen/café area. Our plan is for September and October to be quite busy and, hopefully, very productive. Be on the lookout for more of the REFRESH project update videos!

We appreciate and thank you for your prayers, your help, and your support of our fund-raising efforts. This project is moving forward in a positive way because of the love we all have for our historic church, and we cannot thank you enough for your involvement. History continues to be made at Nolensville First UMC! As we proceed, we remind you that the area is a construction zone and safety for all involved is very much a concern.  If you have questions or would like to be involved, please feel free to contact Kevin Gavin of Jeff Mucci. 

August News

The renovation project in the youth area of the basement continues to progress. While you may not see physical changes, the remodel committee is busy! We are working with several contractors scheduling the work that will transform the area. The concrete contractor is soon to begin creating a new walkway from the back parking lot to a new entrance door to be installed on the north side of the building. We have investigated new flooring options and are close to deciding on a bright, new, durable floor! However, before the flooring guys can come in and do their magic, we must complete the demolition, remove everything from the area, and do a final cleanup. Please watch for information on a scheduled workday to complete these tasks. We will need your help to get this work done; once we have the new floor in place, we can start other rebuilding projects. Also be on the lookout for fund raising opportunities; we hope you will want to participate in these efforts! We are excited at the progression and look forward to seeing our youth utilizing the area for generations to come! 

~ The Church Renovation Committee

July News

The renovation project in the church basement is moving right along. While there are not many changes since the demolition, we have been sharing our vision with the Finance Committee and the Church Council of Stewards. We have required approvals and are now ready to move forward with scheduling contractors. Outdoor work will begin after VBS, and we will be readying the interior for contractors to start their work. During the month of August, you will see a lot of the external work completed, and then we will move inside.

We would like to thank everyone for their efforts thus far, the demo volunteers and various committees have accomplished a lot. We are quite pleased and proud to report that there are several financially sound funds available which will allow us to begin. However, please keep in mind that there will be fund raising projects in our future and we hope you will be a part of those efforts! We will share details and pictures of our progress in the coming months! Thank you.

The Church Renovation Committee

June News

The Youth Area currently located in the basement under the Sanctuary is getting a much-needed update!  This area has functioned as several different venues through the years, creating a lot of memories. During the early 1930s, the Young People’s Sunday School Class took on the project of underpinning the building and digging out a Fellowship Hall area. During the 1950s, a kitchen, Sunday School classrooms, and bathrooms were added, and it received a facelift in the 1970s. In 2000, the Fellowship Hall and Sunday School classes moved to the new building and the area became known as the Old Fellowship Hall and Youth Area. So, with respect to the history of this area, it was past time for another update! On May 15, volunteers began the demolition work of removing tired ceilings, kitchen walls, and worn flooring. Historical artifacts were saved for future generations: a Sunday school bell, the counter that has served many a meal, pine boards from the walls saved for use in future projects and may even be repurposed as Christmas ornaments. The entire remodel will consist of several small projects, including moisture prevention, securing block walls, updating HVAC, plumbing, and electrical, all leading up to the complete remodeling and redecorating effort. This is a BIG project, but we are just as committed as those earlier members were in the preservation of our historical building. 

The remodel committee has outlined the scope of work and will be requesting estimates for the required efforts. These estimates will be presented to the Board of Trustees, the Finance Committee, and the Church Council of Stewards. With all this work in mind, if you have background or experience in any of the involved areas, we would be happy to hear your ideas, especially in the following areas: design/lay out, project management, block masonry, interior design, etc.  Please feel free to reach out to us.

We look forward to providing updates of our progress and announcing exciting fundraising events that we hope you will want to be involved with. We are committed to making this project successful and showing our youth and our community just how much we love them and our church! To date, over 150 hours have been volunteered by church members to this effort; I think that is a great example of commitment! Please be in prayer for this project, those volunteering their times and talents, and for the coming fundraising events. 

If you would like to be part of this effort or have suggested contacts, please reach out to Kevin Gavin or Jeff Mucci.

Thank you, NFUMC Youth Remodel Committee