Virtual Vacation Bible School:
Compassion Camp

July 19-22

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VBS Mission Project: Room in the Inn Wishlist

On July 19-22, join us for Compassion Camp: Be Loved, Be Kind, Be You! We are hosting a completely virtual Vacation Bible School this summer. The theme will be Compassion: for others, for ourselves, and for the world. 

This event is FREE, and we would love for you to join us, wherever you are! An invitation to the private Compassion Camp Facebook group will be sent out in early July once you register.

Some FAQs:

Q: The event says the age range is K-5th grade, but I have older children. Can they be part of it too?

A: Absolutely! The messages and activities can be appreciated and enjoyed by all ages!

Q: How does an at-home VBS work?

A: Great question! This is new to us, too. Everything is taking place in a private Facebook group made just for this event. Once you complete the registration form, you will receive an email with a link to the group, where you can request to join. There are four sessions in this program. Materials and interactive videos will introduce a new idea/session each day, and you and your kids will have the day to complete the crafts and activities. Your family will be able to participate at your own pace. There will also be chances to share our art with everyone! We are still working hard to put everything together, so more information will be sent out as we progress.

Q: What if something happens and we miss a day?

A: Not a problem! All content will remain in the group for the duration of the event and beyond for you to visit and revisit as you are able!

Q: Can I invite my friends and family with kids?

A: Absolutely! This is open to all kids and kids at heart.

Q: I don’t live in your city, or even in your state. Can my kids still participate?

A: You bet! Near or far, you can join us, no matter where you live!

Q: Is there a deadline for registration?

A: There sure isn’t! But we would encourage you to sign up sooner rather than later so you can be with us from the beginning

Q: Will there still be a mission project this year?

A: Yes! We are happy to continue supporting Room In the Inn by gathering highly needed items for those experiencing homelessness. 

Register here! Contact Christina Clark at if you have any questions!