From the Staff Pastor Parish Relations Committee

November 2021 - The SPPRC continues the very important work of determining the most effective path of finding the right person for the Children’s Director position. We have reviewed multiple options for filling this position as well as that of a deacon for mission work.

The committee investigated the idea of creating a full-time deacon position, combining the work of both positions into one and determined this to be the most effective path. However, we have learned that there are not many deacon candidates available at this time, and Nolensville First is among several churches looking to add or fill positions like ours.

God has provided us with multiple interim options and the committee is working on a recommended solution in the coming weeks. We feel that children’s ministry is and has always been a strong part of our outreach and are working very diligently at making the best decision for accomplishing the goals of both the Children’s Director and a deacon. We would ask that you please be in prayer as we proceed forward. Our committee is very dedicated to fulfilling the needs of our church and feel God is guiding our decisions. 

~Kevin Gavin, Chairperson, NFUMC Staff Pastor Parrish Relations Committee,