Hi Nolensville First UMC, 

I am reaching out on behalf of Project Transformation Tennessee (PT) and to ask if Nolensville First UMC would like to volunteer with PT. PT launched in 2012 to address three unique challenges with one program: 1) how to meet the academic, physical, social-emotional, and spiritual needs of children, 2) how to provide meaningful ways for college-age young adults to explore ministry opportunities and develop as young leaders for the church and the world, and 3) how to help churches connect with their communities. I am grateful to be interning with PT this summer as a House Pastor, where I am focused on the second point — helping college students discern their vocations and helping their spiritual needs. 

One way that we are addressing these challenges is by offering a four-days-a-week summer camp in the most vulnerable communities where children fall behind and churches face the reality of declining membership numbers. This includes having intentional time to work on reading and comprehension skills. We are using a virtual platform with the children to offer the classic PT reading buddies, as we are still following strict COVID-19 guidelines. Volunteers can still read with children and children can work on their social-emotional skills. 

We are in desperate need for volunteers this summer at a few of our sites: Antioch UMC, Smyrna First UMC, and First Cumberland Presbyterian in Murfreesboro. Virtual Reading Buddies is a two-three hour commitment from 9:45am-12:15pm Monday-Thursday. Volunteers would only need to commit to one day a week. It can be a one time thing, or they can do it weekly.

Here is a link where NFUMC could learn more about these opportunities. Here is a link if you would like to go ahead, see what time slots are available, and sign up to volunteer: https://www.givepulse.com/group/events/238925

Once you sign up, they will need to complete and pass a background check, or we can accept one from the Church office if there is one on file there. There is also some virtual video training that can be completed on their own time that will be emailed to them once they have signed up. 

Thank you and God bless you!

Michael McGarvey 
House Pastor, Stones River, Project Transformation Tennessee