It’s March again! Time truly does seem to fly by. Speaking of flying by, there has been much concern for my safety after I revealed in last month’s article that I am learning to skateboard again. I thank you for your prayers and assure you that, after having hurt both wrists, I am now wearing a full set of pads and a helmet. Unfortunately, it has snowed so much lately that I have not been able to roll around and instead I have had to walk.

Toward the middle of the week during our ice/snow storm, we were running low on food. Please understand we had plenty, we just didn’t have what anyone wanted to eat. So I decided to walk to Dollar General. It felt like ten miles, but it is really just 2.2 miles round trip. I walked during the middle of the day, staying mostly in the snow to avoid the slick roads in the subdivision. I enjoyed seeing all of the people out sledding and playing. People were enjoying our strange weather. There were ATVs, sleds, and even go-karts sliding everywhere. One wonderful man was using a small tractor to clear some of the ice and snow from the roads. I enjoyed all of this on the way to Dollar General.  On the way back, I felt differently and I feel differently now.

I took a backpack with me so that I could carry things efficiently and I am sure I bought more than was appropriate for me to carry. So as I started my journey home my backpack was stuffed, and I had Dollar General bags tied to my front to keep my hands clear to catch myself in a fall. I must have looked like a pack mule. I was sweating and breathing hard too. As I made my way back, I thought maybe one of these cars will stop and offer me a ride. I thought maybe — just maybe — one of the people would see my struggle and see that I was carrying food and think, he must live here and I could do a good deed. You can probably tell by my bitterness that it never happened. One sweet family out playing with their toddler did stop and speak to me. I stopped when they spoke to me, and it was a nice break. Then I was back at it trudging bitterly through the snow. 

I started to get what some would call “high and mighty.” I started thinking that Jesus must have felt this way walking with that cross. In other words, I was way overdoing it in my moral superiority! As God often does, God corrected me. I stepped where I shouldn’t have and went down. It wasn’t a hard fall. It was just one of those that make you feel dumb. Honestly, I was being dumb. I walked the rest of the way home and when I could sit down without the load of groceries I came to a realization.

Sure, maybe someone should have offered me a ride, but I never asked either. In fact, there I was in my own neighborhood with so much opportunity to speak to people and I never did. Not only did I never ask for a ride, I did not even wish anyone a good day or laugh with them while they enjoyed their unexpected day off. I did nothing to show the love of God I long to know and claim to share. I wasn’t like Jesus on that walk at all! Jesus shared God’s love everywhere Jesus went. Even on that walk to Golgotha, Jesus was walking for others. Jesus was walking for you. Jesus was walking to Golgotha for all. I was walking for frozen Totino’s Pizzas, Honey Buns, canned soup, and some Coca-Cola. I realized, sitting there in my chair, that I had seen Jesus in my walk. Jesus had been there when a mom and dad playing with their toddler took the time to speak to me. I must have looked like a real mess, but they saw a person and said hello. I had failed to do that all the way there and back. Replacing that feeling of righteous, I felt the need to ask forgiveness. I also asked for a heart that thought less about me and more about those around me.

I want to ask you to join me in taking a walk this month. I am going to purposely take the time to walk around my neighborhood and say hello to those who are out and about. As I walk, I am going to pray that each and every home I pass knows that they are loved by God. If I strike up a conversation along the way, I am going to enjoy it and do my best to make sure whoever I am talking to feels appreciated. In short, I am going to take a few walks this month and see if I can be a better disciple of Jesus. I am inviting you to do the same in your neighborhood or if you live outside a neighborhood feel free to walk around the neighborhood around the church. Let’s spend some time, right here where we live, letting people know they are seen and loved.

Still finding the path,