Luke in June

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June 30 - Luke 24

Consider: Why might it have been hard for the men walking to Emmaus to put all of the pieces together after the third day? Bonus read Psalm 146 

June 29 – Luke 23:26-56

Consider: During this darkest time, how do you see Jesus give grace? Bonus read Psalm 22

June 28 – Luke 22:66-23:25

Consider: How do we see Jesus respond to the angry crowd and the Gentile leaders? Bonus read Psalm 143

June 27 – Luke 22:1-65

Consider: At the Last Supper, Jesus talks to the disciples about being servants. What does this mean for you? Bonus read Psalm 139

June 26 – Luke 21

Consider: Other than material gifts, what might it mean to give gifts out of poverty versus out of wealth, as the poor widow did with her coins? Bonus read 137

June 25 – Luke 20

Consider: Why do you think Jesus challenged the religious leaders? How could humility have affected the leaders’ responses to Jesus? Bonus read Psalm 116

June 24 – Luke 19

Consider: What is Jesus showing others by focusing on Zacchaeus and engaging with him? Bonus read Psalm 115

June 23 - Luke 18

Consider: What stands out to you in Jesus’ teachings on humility? Bonus read Psalm 96

June 22 – Luke 17

Consider: What lesson is Jesus teaching with the ten men who had leprosy? Bonus read Psalm 95

June 21 – Luke 16

Consider: In what ways is Jesus flipping society’s norms on their head? Bonus read Psalm 93

June 20 – Luke 15

Consider: What lesson is Jesus giving with the parable about the man giving the banquet? Bonus read Psalm 73

June 19 – Luke 14

Consider: What lesson is Jesus giving with the parable about the man giving the banquet? Bonus read Psalm 73

June 18 - Luke 13

Consider: In the mustard seed parable, how can one person’s sharing of Jesus’ love affect others? Bonus read Psalm 53

June 17 – Luke 12:35-59

Consider: Is there an area of your life that you need to change given Jesus’ teachings on time and expectations? Bonus read Psalm 51

June 16 – Luke 12:1-34

Consider: What aspect of this chapter stands out to you and why? Bonus read Psalm 49

June 15 – Luke 11:14-54

Consider: What is Jesus teaching about the importance of your inner motivations compared to what people see on the outside? Bonus read Psalm 46

June 14 – Luke 11:1-13

Consider: What can you ask for that you have not submitted to God? Bonus read Psalm 42

June 13 – Luke 10

Consider: What practical application does Jesus call for by telling the parable of the Good Samaritan? Bonus read Psalm 36

June 12 – Luke 9

Consider: What messages did Jesus want the disciples to understand and why? Bonus read Psalm 34

June 11 – Luke 8

Consider: Imagine what the effect was for each of the healed people back in each of their communities if they shared what happened. Bonus read Psalm 33.

June 10 – Luke 7

Consider: How do you see Jesus interacting among different classes of people? Bonus read Psalm 32

June 9 - Luke 6:27-49

Consider: Which of the teachings seems hard to you? Why? What can you do to put it into practice? Bonus read Psalm 30

June 8 – Luke 6:1-26

Consider: How and why did Jesus challenge the religious leaders? Bonus read Psalm 23.

June 7 - Luke 5

Consider: What did Jesus do first for the man brought to him by his friends? Why did he follow it with physical healing? Bonus read Psalm 19.

June 6 – Luke 4:31-44

Consider: What about Jesus was drawing people to him? What does that say to you about what the people needed? Bonus read Psalm 15.

June 5 – Luke 4:1-30

Consider: Why might Jesus’ ministry have started with 40 days in the desert being tempted? Bonus read Psalm 14.

June 4 – Luke 3

Consider: What significance is there that John prepared the people by preaching that they should repent—or turn away— from their sins? Bonus read Psalm 8

June 3 – Luke 2

Consider: What characteristics do you notice about Jesus as a child? How many times does it note that his parents treasured and marveled at their son? Bonus read Psalm 6

June 2 - Luke 1:39-80

Consider: Both Mary and Zechariah praised God for what he was doing in their lives. Write your own praise to God for what he’s doing in your life. Bonus read Psalm 2

June 1 - Luke 1:1-38

Consider: Compare the responses of Zechariah and Mary to news from Gabriel. Bonus read Psalm 1


Hello NFUMC,

I want to invite you to a church wide study of the Book of Luke. All credit goes to Mary Beth Hagan who worked hard on this devotional so we could continue what we started at Pentecost.  

I am excited to know that we can all be reading and praying through the Scriptures together. I am so amazed that God lead us to the the Book of Luke. We planned this weeks ago to go with the Pentecost study from last week. The Book of Acts is a continuation of Luke. I am amazed because the Book of Luke begins Jesus’ public ministry as He stands and reads the following…  

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, because He has anointed Me to bring good news to the poor. He has sent Me to proclaim release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”  (Luke 4:18-19 NRSV)

For me, while the sin of racism is heavy on my heart, I need to hear those words anew as I seek to listen, empathize, learn, repent, and grow.  I hope you will join me in studying the Book of Luke.  May the Holy Spirit speak to us again through our study together.