Jacob's Ladder Preschool

Tonia Bush, Director
(615) 776-7362

Jacob's Ladder is a Bible-based kindergarten preparation and early childhood development preschool. We use the "Learning Without Tears" curriculum in a learning atmosphere incorporating science, math, art, literature, music, and large and fine motor skills. We explore the Bible and God's love for us while encouraging appropriate social skills that help our students to respect themselves and others.
Our students develop a love for learning.


2020-2021 Student Information and Application.
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2020-2021 Parent Handbook

Covid-19 Addendum


Notes from the Director:

September 2010

What a great start to our school year! Students are getting familiar with their teachers and classmates while having fun learning.  We are learning about God's Creation. Our Bible verse for this month is "God saw everything he had made. And it was very good.” Genesis 1:31


Ms. Tonia