We found a flaw in our system! If you uploaded a picture in our online directory, would you please also send a copy to the front office so we can put it in the printed directory as well? Thank you!

Print versions of our new directory will be available in August. Or you can log on to our website and see all the changes in real time.

Directory Update Instructions

It’s time for a new NFUMC Directory, whether online or a new paper copy!  We last updated our directory information in 2018, so we are sure some information has changed and needs to be updated. If you are new to NFUMC, we need to add you to the directory. 

Currently, the directory information resides on the church computer network and can be accessed from the NFUMC website. The neat thing about the data being on the church network, YOU can change YOUR information if you would like; see the instructions below for modifying information specific to you. If you would prefer to provide updated information via a paper form, that is okay: the Directory Committee will be happy to make the changes for you. They will be around on July 3, 10, and 17 with paper copies, or you can download a paper form here. Just fill the form out and return it to the front office or the Directory Committee and the changes will be made.

What about an updated picture, you ask? Today’s technology has made taking pictures VERY easy, most of our cell phones take good pictures. If you would like to add a picture of you or your family, or you would like to update the four-year-old pic that currently resides in the directory, take those pics and send them to the front office. If you’re not comfortable with taking and sending a pic to us, let one of us know and we’d be happy to take the pic and get it added to the directory. 

So how do we get started? 

  • You can fill out the paper form and send it to the church office
  • You can log into the online directory and make changes to YOUR information
  • You can take a picture of you and your family and send it to us, or we can take a picture of you and your family


Modifying Family Data

Family data, such as Family name, address, phone number, email address, and family photo, can be modified by the system administrator only.  If you would like to have Family data added or modified, please send an email to the front office or call the office (615-776-2815.)   

Modifying Your Individual Data

The data in the NFUMC directory can be modified online by each person listed in the directory. However, you can only modify YOUR specific data, see step 10. 

The following instructions will guide individuals through the process of modifying their directory information.  If, however, you would prefer to fill out the paper form and send it to the office, please feel free to do so. 

1.  From your computer, phone, or tablet, Open the NFUMC internet home page:

  • To open the NFUMC home page:  Click Here
  • -Or- open your internet browser and type the church’s internet address in the search field: WeLoveWhereWeLive.org

2. The NFUMC Home page will appear on the screen

3.  The Sign-in Option is in the upper right corner, click on Sign-in 

4. The Sign-In screen will appear

5. Type your email address or Username and your Password

 Hint: if you have trouble with your username or password, please contact the front office.

  • Click the Sign In button

(Thank you, Denise, for letting us use your screen shots!)

6.  You will see the Welcome message in the upper right corner

7.  Select CONNECT 

8.  Select MEMBERS

9.  The directory of those church members that have chosen to have their information shared via the online directory will appear in alphabetical order. 

  • Type your last name in the FILTER DIRECTORY box and your family name and data will appear.  NOTE: You can ONLY change YOUR information, you do not have access to change information for anyone else in your family, nor can you change family information, such as home address, home phone number, family email address, or add a family photo.

10.  To change YOUR individual email address(s) your personal phone number(s), or add/change your photo

  • Select Your name and the screen with your specific information appears
  • Select Edit My Profile
  • From the EDIT MY PROFILE screen, you can modify the following:
    • Title
    • First Name
    • Middle Name
    • Last Name
    • Suffix
    • Preferred name
    • Personal email address(s)
    • Personal Phone Number(s)
    • Photo
  • If you prefer to NOT share the information concerning a specific email address or phone number, remove the Check mark from the LISTED box.  The data will appear to you and the system administrator, but others will not be able to view the data.
  • If you wish for all your Listed information to appear in the in the ONLINE DIRECTORY, you must ensure there is a check mark in the box titled:  I’d like to be seen in the membership directory.
  • NOTE:  If this box does not have a check mark, your data will be hidden and not shared in the ONLINE DIRECTORY
  • Once all data has been modified select UPDATE PROFILE at the bottom of the screen