Community Mission Opportunities

UMCOR Shoeboxes Ministry Needs 

We are currently praying and considering other ways to help around the world this Christmas. We found that the planning and implementation of the UMCOR Shoeboxes are very different and not possible at this time as they require their own shipping boxes that we do not have. 

And as you can see below the list is much more extensive about what is required and what is optional. If you have any ideas for what we can do to support others around the world please contact Pastor Jeremy

Stay Tuned...for what is next! 


This is the complete PDF version

Below are items to be included in the Christmas Shoe Box. 

1 pair of Flip Flops-NEW. (See Size Chart) 

1-2 pair Underwear-NEW. (See Size Chart)

 1-2 pair of Socks-NEW. (See Size Chart) 

1 pair of Shorts & 1 Tee-shirt. Boys or Girls (2-7 years old) OR A Dress with Shorts (Girls 2-7 years old) 

1 Training Bra with a Shirt OR Shorts (Girls 8-12yrs) (See Size Chart) 

If you can include both PLEASE DO SO. 1 pair of Shorts OR a T Shirt (Boys 8-12 yrs.) 

If you can include both PLEASE DO SO. 1 Bar of Soap (~3-5oz) in ORIGINAL PACKAGE with a Wash Cloth-NEW 


1 Comb (large teeth)-NEW

 4-6 crayons-NEW The Nativity Story Coloring Book supplied by the warehouse. 


4-6 minimum of items (or similar) as listed below to FILL THE BOX. 

One Small Hand Mirror 

Play Jewelry 2 to 4 items (4-7 year old girls) 

Hot Wheel/Matchbox Cars 

Play Dough 2 large cans or 3-4 small/mini (3-8years) 

Small Dolls 

One Sewing Kit (8 years and older) 

One Small Sport Ball 

One Fishing Kit (8 years and older) 

Small Stuffed Animal Toys 

One Bracelet Kit (8 years and older) 

One Yoyo (Duncan brand (7-12 years) 

One 6 inch ruler (7 years and older) 

One Jump Rope (5 years and older) 

Nail Grooming Kit (12 year olds) 

Small Hard Rubber Balls (5 years and older 2-3 in small bag)

 Ponytail Holders, Barrettes etc. (6-10 in a small plastic bag). 

4-6 Pencils, Pencil Sharpener, Small Pad of Paper (7 years and older) 

4-6 Colored Pencils, Pencil Sharpener, Small Pad of Paper (7 years and older) 

One Child Development or Educational Card Game (2-6 years). 

Please note: 1-2 small packs of tissues or 6-10 band aids may be included as a filler or an extra. These items are Not Considered Gifts.

Click here for the size chart