October 2017

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A Note from Pastor Jimmy

A Cooler Breeze

October has arrived and the temperature has cooled off. This morning, the kids and I had to put on windbreakers for the journey to school.  Just this previous Saturday it was hot enough to cook eggs on the pavement and now we need jackets. I must admit that the older I get the less tolerance I have for the heat. This summer has been brutal and I have been prayerfully anticipating Fall.

Well, Fall is here and a funny thing happened this morning. When we went outside to leave for school, we all complained that it was too cold. When we got in the car we hurried to turn the heat on and knock the chill off. Then, even before we arrived at school, the kids were complaining it was too hot in the car. I agreed and we ended up rolling down the windows. Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the changing colors and the cooler temperatures, but I have also noticed my propensity to complain about the unpredictable weather and allergy-inducing leaves. Complaining about the weather is an age old tradition. We all have done it. In fact, if we do not know what to say to someone we talk about the weather. For some reason it struck me this morning just how fickle I am.

The Bible is full of examples of the fickleness of humanity. We seem never to be satisfied. In the garden of Eden, perfection was not enough because there was fruit we could not have. We had all we needed, but yet it was not enough. We were brought out of slavery in Egypt, and yet our first taste of freedom led us to create false idols. Eventually, we decided we needed a king. God was apparently just not enough. The story goes on and on. We truly are fickle, hard-headed people.

This is what makes it so remarkable that God has not given up on us. Jesus gave Himself for us knowing that we had done nothing to deserve it. Jesus still calls us to a new forgiven and transformed life. This is an unfathomable love, a love for an imperfect world and a fickle creation. After this morning’s weather and my reaction to it, I wonder how many times I have responded to God in this same fickle manner.  How many times have I prayed for help and change, only to respond in fear and apathy at God’s call to be that change? None of us are perfect, but we are offered perfect grace from a perfect God. This month I plan to take time each day to give thanks for that grace. I plan to focus on finding the joy and hope in each day instead of complaining. The good news is that God is willing and able to forgive us and help us still. I invite you to give thanks a little early this year. Instead of waiting for a holiday, why don’t we try living each day in the gifts God has offered us, and see if we can become the change for which we pray.

Thankful for today and all it holds for us,

Rev. Jimmy Hendricks, pastorjimmy@nolensvilleumc.org

Being a Neighborhood Church

World Communion Sunday

Gifts to World Communion Sunday on October 1 fund national and international graduate racial-ethnic scholarships.

World Communion Sunday was started in 1940 as a Presbyterian-led initiative of the Federal Council of Churches toward ecumenical celebration of Communion by some Protestants in the United States on the same Sunday at a time when most U.S. Protestant denominations celebrated Communion infrequently (quarterly at most), and rarely on the same schedule. Not all churches involved in the Federal Council at the time chose to participate, but there was fairly strong uptake by Presbyterians, Methodists, Congregationalists (now known as UCC), and some Baptist groups at the time. These, in turn, generally promoted the idea across their missionary networks outside the United States so there would be more of a feel of worldwide Communion on that day, even if the practice was (and remains) in fact largely limited to a few U.S. Protestant denominations.

United Methodists worldwide continue the practice, as do the Methodist churches outside the United States we and our predecessor denominations autonomized in the twentieth century. We also mark this observance with a special offering that supports scholarships worldwide and in the U.S. and ethnic in-service training programs. Find out more at umcgiving.org/wcs.

9th Annual Shrimp Boil

The United Methodist Men will host our annual Shrimp Boil (shrimp, corn, sausage, onions, and potatoes) on Saturday, October 21, 4-7pm. Tickets are being sold by the UMM and the front office. Tickets are $10 for adults and $6 for children. The United Methodist Women (UMW) will be selling desserts. We will also have karaoke this year for entertainment. 

Rollin’ Nolen 10 Miler

On October 28, our town will play host to the 2nd Annual Rollin’ Nolen 10-Miler. NFUMC is a proud sponsor of this exciting race! The race will begin on the campus of the new Nolensville High School. The course will then take racers through historic Nolensville (passing directly in front of our church doors) before turning onto Stonebrook Drive, where participants will then race through some of the most scenic areas of this town before ending their 10-mile journey back at the Nolensville High School campus.  

As part of sponsoring this event, NFUMC will have two groups of cheering supporters stationed along the race course. One group will provide exciting energy to cheer the racers on as they pass by our doors while the second group will host a water stop a few miles further down the course. All ages are welcome to volunteer! Please contact Ginger Milne or Meggie McDowell for more information.

Lions Club Pancake Breakfast

On Saturday, October 28, 7-11am, the Nolensville Lions Club will host a pancake breakfast to benefit  scholarships and local projects. Cost is $8 for adults, $6 ages 6-12, under age six is free.

Trunk or Treat!

On Sunday, October 29, 4-6pm, we are excited to fellowship together for Trunk or Treat this year! We plan to have trunks for treating and games for playing!

Kroger Community Rewards

Dear Nolensville First United Methodist Church,

The Kroger Family of Stores is committed to bringing hope and help to local communities. We do this through a variety of activities, including charitable giving, sponsorships and the unique Community Rewards Program of Kroger. Your supporters (18 households) who shopped at Kroger between June and August have contributed to your $106.62 total donation. Thank you for your continued support of your local Kroger store.

Thank you, Community Rewards Staff


In September, Nolensville First UMC helped two families with gas and food assistance. This help comes from your gifts left at the altar rail during Holy Communion. Thank you!

Experiencing a Life-Changing Relationship with Jesus

Children’s Choir Extravaganza

Children age 4 through 6th grade are invited the Children’s Choir Extravaganza! on Sunday, October 1, from 3-5pm. We will play games to cultivate your child’s musical skills and learn new songs to strengthen their faith. Invite your friends!  The next Extravaganza! will be November 5.

Children’s Sabbath

The children will have special music on Sunday, October 8, at both services. If your child in grades 2nd-5th would like to participate by playing an instrument or singing in the choir, we will rehearse Wednesday, October 4. See Sandy  for more details.

Musical Services

On Sunday, October 22, we will have Worship in Song (8:30am) and a Hymn Sing (10:45am). The Hymn Sing will feature the Music City Bronze handbell quartet.

Lay Servant Ministries Training

Lay Servants serve God, reach out, and serve others in a hurting world. Lay Servant Ministries (LSM) provide training to equip laity for leadership and service in ministry. The Harpeth River District will hold its fall LSM training on November 11 & 18 at Columbia First UMC, with a registration deadline of October 13. For more information, email ddh98@bellsouth.net.

Youth Events in October

Sun - Oct 1 - Youth@514 (5-7pm)
Wed - Oct 4 - Youth@Midweek (5-7pm)
Fri - Oct 6 - Youth Area Painting (12-8pm)
Sat - Oct 7 - Youth Area Painting (9am until finished!)
Sun - Oct 8 - Youth@514 (5-7pm)
Wed - Oct 11 - Youth@Midweek (5-7pm)
Sun - Oct 15 - Youth@Play: CiCi’s & Game Galaxy (12-4pm $15)
Wed - Oct 18 - Youth@Midweek (5-7pm)
Sun - Oct 22 - Youth@514 (5-7pm)
Wed - Oct 25 - Youth@Midweek (5-7pm)
Sun - Oct 29 - Trunk Or Treat (4-6pm)

YOUTH@PLAY: CiCi's Pizza & Game Galaxy - Join us Sunday, October 15, as we enjoy an afternoon of fun together at CiCi's and Game Galaxy (Smyrna). We will meet at the church at NOON and be back by 4pm. Cost is $15. 

Weekly Programming:

YOUTH@514: Sundays 5-7pm - Join us for a time focused on growing together in our faith through food, games, worship, a lesson, and small group discussions.

YOUTH@MIDWEEK: Wednesdays 5-7pm - Join us for a time of food, fun, and fellowship. This time is laid back and you are welcome to bring homework and friends! We will always begin our time with dinner and end with a short devotion.

Meggie McDowell, Youth Director, youth@nolensvilleumc.org

In a Welcoming Church Family

Trunks Needed

For our up coming Trunk or Treat we need volunteers for 1) decorating their trunks (look for sign up sheets during worship) and 2) donating wrapped candy (leave in the children’s office.) Thank you for helping to make this a special event!

Second Sunday Breakfast

Please join us on October 8 at 9:30am for Second Sunday Breakfast. Bring a favorite breakfast dish to share and come fellowship between the services with church family from the other service!

The Fellowship Sunday School Class is responsible for set-up, drinks, and clean up on October 8. Please remember that the class responsible for Second Sunday Breakfast is also requested to provide cookies, donuts, or other snacks for all other Sundays of the month.

Please put all food away after fellowship on ALL Sundays. We are called to be fishers of men, not of mice and ants! This class is also responsible for returning the Fellowship Hall to “Sunday Setting” after breakfast.  Diagrams are posted on the kitchen doors.

Directory Pictures

On Sunday, October 8, noon-2pm, in the Fellowship Hall, Christina Clark will take pictures for our directory. If you did not have your picture taken last spring, please stop by. The directory is already available online for those who have already had their picture taken. A hard copy of the directory will be available by the end of October.

Pastor at the Pavilion

Are you new to NFUMC? Do you want more information about classes, opportunities to serve, or membership? Grab some coffee and come to the pavilion to chat with Pastor Jimmy on Sunday, October 15, 9:45-10:30am.

United Methodist Women

Nineteen ladies were present at our meeting on September 13.

Susan Smithburg updated us on our members who are under the weather. We continue to collect boxed meals and fuel bag items. The October items are combs and brushes. Since school is now back in session ,we need to be sure to bring Fuel Bag items.

Bobbie Toombs and Carrie Ozburn will be putting together a slate of officers for 2018 that will be voted on in our October meeting.

UMW ladies elected to send $200 to UMCOM for the victims of hurricane Harvey and Irma.

We are delighted that Elaine Hughes joined UMW.

The program was from Thistle Farms, “Love Heals,” with Doris Walker as the speaker.  The program was exceptional.  She told her life story and how she was able to get off the streets of Nashville after being there for 12 years. Thistle Farms is the largest social enterprise in the United States run by survivors from all kinds of abuse.  After their program, they had lots of organic merchandise for sale, and, you know us ladies, we like to shop.

Our next meeting will be Wednesday, October 11, at 10:30am in the Fellowship Hall. Sandy Johnson will present on Prayer and Self Denial. The UMW is open to any women that are interested.

Respectfully submitted, Karen R. Hoffmeister, Secretary

United Methodist Men

The United Methodist Men (UMM) have been very busy the last few months. The UMM purchased new LED light bulbs for the parking lot lights. All the bulbs have been replaced and the parking lot looks great at night. The UMM previously cleaned and repainted the wall under the breezeway. We just recently pressure washed, filled in cracks, and painted the south wall outside of the Fellowship Hall. 

All men are invited to attend our monthly meetings the second Saturday of each month at 8am in the Fellowship Hall. The next meeting is October 14.

Wayne Dickey, President

Nolensville First UMC Retreat: Covenant

Register now! On November 10-12, the entire church is invited to a retreat at Beersheba Springs Assembly in Grundy County, now renovated to hotel-like accommodations. This retreat will provide an opportunity to renew our covenant with God on this beautiful mountain. Lots of wonderful activities are planned and plenty of time to rest, reflect, and reconnect. See Zannie Martin (zanniem@bellsouth.net) or Susan Baker (susanbaker@comcast.net) with reservation questions. Registration forms will be available during service and at the office. All reservations must be in before Sunday, October 29

October Birthdays

10/1 Nick Wilson; 10/3 Susan Baker, Levi C; 10/4 David Clore, Griffin S; 10/5 Nancy Hatcher; 10/6 Nancy Allen, Angie Jeffries; 10/9 Carolyn Crigger; 10/10 Nancy Walker; 10/12 Alli Waldron, Ethan H; 10/13 Patsy Elliott; 10/14 Sam R; 10/15 Eileen Hogshead; 10/11 Lew Green; 10/19 Geoffrey R; 10/20 Bailey F; 10/22 Lesa Smith, Cathy Campbell, Jason Fohr; 10/23 Tom Woodcock, Benjamin S; 10/26 Katherine McGee, Hannah J; 10/27 Pat Patton; 10/28 Dana Cunningham, Ginger Milne, Macy G; 10/30 Jordan F

October Anniversaries

10/5 Mary & James Putman (71); 10/6 Zannie & Keith Martin (16); 10/11 Elizabeth & Bart Pfeiffer (3); 10/12 Lisa & John Thompson (5); Breann & Whit Jackson (4); 10/19 Nelda & Robert Vest (32); 10/21 Laurie & Jason Bostelman (11); 10/22 Kathryn (Nichols) & Jonathon Kresse (1); 10/24 Alex & Andrew Tipton (2), 10/27 Jennifer & Jimmy Hendricks (16); and very special congratulations to Sue & Brad Harki on their 30th wedding anniversary on October 10!

Resources & Administration

Charge Conference Reports

Don’t forget! Charge Conference Reports are due on Monday, October 9!

Church Council of Stewards

All are invited to the Church Council of Stewards meeting on Thursday, October 19, 7pm. Come and hear what our church leaders are planning for the ministries of Nolensville First UMC.

Church Financials, as of September 30, 2017

Operating Fund:
Total YTD Income              $ 261,533.46
Total YTD Expense            $ 294,344.16
Difference                         ($   32,810.70)

Budgeted YTD Income      $ 250,161.72
Budgeted YTD Expense    $ 294,620.31
Difference                         ($   44,458.59)

Church Calendar