July 2018 Newsletter

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A Note from Pastor Jimmy

Chatty Jimmy

Have you ever been told you talk too much? I have. It stings a little. I have always been a fan of words! Why simply say yes when you can explain why you agree and what brought you to that decision. This is not always what people want. The drive-through at Sonic is a place to be brief, for instance. When I have been told or have sensed that I am talking to much, I often wonder why I do this. What is it about me that makes me spill my proverbial ‚Äúguts‚ÄĚ to almost everyone?

In my prayer life, I find myself spending more and more time explaining things to God. My dad taught me that my prayers in public should be short and my prayers in private should be long. I try to live by this idea. Without prayer, I find that I cannot live fully through the day. Sure I make it, but it is usually a long painful experience of frustration, guilt, and fear.  Every little thing bothers me and prayer allows me to lay those worries at the feet of God. So I do. This has been my practice for many years and recently I discovered that I talk too much to God. Please do not misunderstand me. It is not that I pray too much. It is that I talk too much to God. 

At the end of one particularly rough day in the ministry, I began my usual practice of spilling it all to God. There is nothing wrong with that, but on this day it was not enough. Death had visited my little realm of existence again and I was struggling to be a source of grace for those around me. I found myself just sitting before God. I cried. Eventually, I even laughed. God wants us to be able to lay our burdens down. God is big enough to handle them all, but God also wants to speak. God wants to hold us. God wants to comfort us. This is what was missing from my chatty prayer life. 

I still talk everything out with God, but I also set aside time to just sit before God. I pray in those times that God will simply do to me what God deems necessary. Maybe I need a new message. Maybe I need to be convicted. Maybe I just need some assurance. God knows what we need and if we will allow it, God will grace us. So my hope for you is that in the next month you might try just sitting before God. Just be present and let God know you are there at attention. May you find that God is still at work and that God still has a mission for you.

Trying to listen more and talk less,

Rev. Jimmy Hendricks

being a neighborhood church

Project Transformation
Through our Church Council of Stewards, we have agreed to support Project Transformation by providing dinner and companionship to their interns. Project Transformation allows college-age interns who are interested in ministry to create summer programs for children and partner with local churches to provide space and volunteers. Our next meal is July 1 at Belmont University. For more information on this awesome ministry visit www.pttennessee.org.

Second Sunday Breakfast
Please join us on July 8 at 9:30am for Second Sunday Breakfast. Bring a favorite breakfast dish to share and come fellowship between the services with church family from the other service!¬†The Fellowship Sunday School Class is responsible for set-up, drinks, and clean up on July 8. Please remember that the class responsible for Second Sunday Breakfast is also requested to provide cookies, donuts, or other snacks for all other Sundays of the month.¬†Please put all food away after fellowship on ALL Sundays. We are called to be fishers of men, not of mice and ants! This class is also responsible for returning the Fellowship Hall to ‚ÄúSunday Setting‚ÄĚ after breakfast.¬† Diagrams are posted on the kitchen doors.

Red Cr  ss    l     d Drive
On a Mission this Summer: Fill the Missing Types!¬†New blood donors are needed every day to save the lives of patients who depend on the generosity of volunteer donors. Help patients in need by joining the #MissingType movement. Without the letters A, B and O ‚ÄĒ letters that also represent blood types ‚ÄĒ we can‚Äôt save anybody.¬†Nolensville First UMC will host a Red Cross blood drive on Thursday, July 12, 1:15-7:15pm in the Fellowship Hall. Please join our lifesaving mission and schedule an appointment at www.RedCrossBlood.org today!¬†Streamline your donation experience and save up to fifteen minutes by visiting www.RedCrossBlood.org/RapidPass to complete your predonation reading and health history questions on the day of your appointment. Download the Red Cross Blood Donor App on the App Store, Google Play or text BLOODAPP to 90999. Schedule appointments, get rewards, and invite friends to join you on a lifesaving team.

Kids Service Sunday The next NFUMC Kids Service Sunday will be July 22, 3-5pm. We will have a devotion and fellowship while organizing VBS book donations for Project Transformation. Kids, siblings, friends, and adults are welcome to join! Parents of preschool aged children are encouraged to stay on site. 

UMW and GraceWorks Ministries
Our United Methodist Women are serving through giving to GraceWorks Ministries. Every month they are concentrating on a particular need of GraceWorks and would like to encourage the entire congregation to help. In July, they are collecting shampoo. Every month they are collecting items for the Fuel Bag program: peanut butter crackers, fruit snacks, cereal bars, granola bars, fruit cups, and pudding cups. Items can be left in the GraceWorks bin in the breezeway. Thank you!

Kroger Community Rewards
Dear Nolensville First United Methodist Church,
The Kroger Family of Stores is committed to bringing hope and help to local communities. We do this through a variety of activities, including charitable giving, sponsorships and the unique Community Rewards Program of Kroger. Your supporters (sixteen households) who shopped at Kroger between March and May have contributed to your $93.51 total donation. If you have any questions or would like to sign up to help contribute, please visit www.krogercommunityrewards.com and link your Kroger card with Nolensville First UMC. Thank you for your continued support of your local Kroger store.
Thank you, Community Rewards Staff

United Methodist Women
On June 13, the UMW visited Thistle Farms. Thistle Farms is a safe and confidential place for women/men who need help from alcohol and drug addition, sexual abuse, and those living on the streets that ask/need assistance. The residents make natural products, such as candles, lotions, hand soaps, bath soaps, oils etc., right on site. On our way over, Susan, our UMW President, read a devotion titled ‚ÄúSmall Things‚ÄĚ from The Upper Room. Once we arrived, we were lovingly greeted and led on a tour of their facility. The company was started in one small building and now has grown in leaps and bounds. After our informative tour we met in the meditation room. This is done daily and each person attending gets to say something (which included us, too). These women/men are so thankful for having their lives back. It touched everyone one of us to hear some of the messages they shared.¬†
Our lunch was eaten at the Thistle Farms café, which is open to the public. While we were enjoying our lunch a group from the Brentwood UMW arrived and enjoyed lunch as well.  Afterwards, we shopped in the Thistle Farms store before heading back to the church. Those that could not go missed out on truly a wonderful experience.
Whole Foods is now carrying Thistle Farms products in their stores, but they do get a part of the profit. Thistle Farms has a small store in their facility at 5122 Charlotte Pike in Nashville and also sell through their website, www.ThistleFarms.org. Not only do they sell their products they also connect with other needy organizations abroad to sell some of their handmade things and then gave back to them.
Our next meeting will be Wednesday, July 11, at 10:30am in the Fellowship Hall. 
Respectfully submitted, Karen R. Hoffmeister, Secretary

Youth Mission Trips
Over the last few weeks, some of our youth and adult chaperones served on missions trips in Memphis, Tennessee, and Birmingham, Alabama. We had a lot of fun together and learned a lot about ourselves, each other, who God is, and who God is calling us to be. We served at several organizations including Room In The Inn - Memphis, Project Transformation, Meals on Wheels, Sparkle Learning Center, Metro Changers, and more! Thank you to all who have supported us with your prayers and with your donations from the cake auction! 

experiencing a life-changing relationship with Jesus

Pastor at the Pavilion
Are you interested in baptism, joining the church, or a particular ministry? Do you have a question about The United Methodist Church? Are you looking for a way to get involved? Grab a cup of coffee from the Fellowship Hall and meet the Pastor Jimmy at the Pavilion for a chat anytime 10-10:30am, Sunday, July 15. If it is raining we will fellowship outside the Pastor’s office in the front hallway.

Sunday School
Is God calling you into the ministry of children’s Christian education? Nolensville First UMC welcomes caring individuals who love kids and are interested in serving as Sunday School teachers or helpers. If you enjoy working with children, prayerfully consider joining our Sunday School team as a teacher or substitute. For questions or deeper discussion, contact Christina at children@nolensvilleumc.org.

Church Family Retreat
Save the date! Please join us for our second annual family retreat at Beersheba Springs on September 14-16. Registration will start in August.

Welcome Our Newest Members!
Please welcome and congratulate the following new members of Nolensville First UMC: Emma B, Deborah Russell, and Madeline T.

Youth Events in July
Wed - July 11 - Youth@Midweek (5-7pm)
Sun-Wed - July 15-18 - VBS
Mon - July 23 - Youth@Play: Nashville Shores (9am-3pm) ($20 + sack lunch OR $ for lunch)
Wed - July 25 - Youth@Midweek (5-7PM)
YOUTH@MIDWEEK:  Join us for a time of food, fun, and fellowship. This time is laid back and you are welcome to bring homework and friends! We will always begin our time with dinner and end with a short devotion.
Peace, Meggie McDowell, Youth Director, youth@nolensvilleumc.org

in a welcoming church family

Vacation Bible School: Game Changer! Important Dates
Registration for VBS is full but you can still help the mission project. VBS will be collecting new books for the children involved with Project Transformation. If  you would like to help, please visit www.WeLoveWhereWeLive.org/vbs-project-transformation.

If you are interested in participating in VBS opening skits (youth and adults), you must  join us for a one-time-only practice Sunday, July 8, 12-2pm. Lunch will be provided. Let Sandy (music@nolensvilleumc.org) know if you plan to attend. Then stick around for the VBS volunteer meeting!

Have you wondered what to expect at VBS or how in the world to handle all those excited kiddos? Join us at the VBS volunteer meeting on Sunday, July 8, 2-3pm. We will meet in the Sanctuary to discuss VBS details and prepare our hearts for what Jesus has in store for Vacation Bible School!

Do you have a Light Bright or Youth who loves to get crafty or just needs to get out of the house? There will be a VBS decorating day on Thursday, July 12, 10am-2pm. Pizza will be provided. It will be a great time of fun, fellowship and creativity! Let Sandy or Christina (children@nolensvilleumc.org) know if your child plans to attend.

If you ordered a VBS t-shirt and still need to pay, it’s not too late! You can pay online at cash.me/$NFUMC and specify VBS t-shirt in the note. Payment can also be placed in the offering plate. Please add VBS shirt in the memo.  

On July 15-18, it’s game time! Volunteers should be at church by 5:30pm so we can welcome the neighborhood children into the game-changing love of Jesus Christ!

resources & administration

Church Council of Stewards
At the Church Council of Stewards meeting on June 12, God sightings and reports of progress towards our vision were shared. For example:

Being a neighborhood church:

  • We will be supporting Christian refugees in Jordan through the Shai Fund
  • We will have a Christmas package drive for local children in need

Experiencing a life-changing relationship with Jesus:

  • Summer is full of opportunities for children, including the summer musical and Vacation Bible School

Being a welcoming church family:

  • Susan Nichols will lead a class for the community on elder care
  • Lynette Jones will lead a parenting class during VBS
  • We are starting a discussion table-style podcast. Look for it on the website soon!


  • Currently, our operating finances are running on a comfortable surplus (see below).

Church Financials as of May 31, 2018
Operating Fund:
Total YTD Income              $ 174,129.11
Total YTD Expense            $ 146,146.21
Difference                          $   27,982.90

Budgeted YTD Income      $ 154,300.00
Budgeted YTD Expense    $ 166,624.01
Difference                          ($ 12,324.01)

Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving one another as God in Christ forgave you. (Ephesians 4:32)

July Birthdays
7/1 Charles Light, Jacob W; 7/2 Maddie Lindsey; 7/3 Leah S; 7/5 Monica Massey; 7/6 Andrew Church, Nikki Ringenberg; 7/7 Scarlett M; 7/8 Mason C; 7/9 Betty Green, Glenda K; 7/12 Pat Crawford; 7/14 Michele Overton, Ella J; 7/15 David Hackett; 7/16 Wayne Garvey, Sandy Murray; 7/17 Beth Sharrar; 7/18 Jerry Jones, Tressa Tuck; 7/19 Rusty Moore; 7/20 Robert Vest, Alex Tipton; 7/23 Donna Burdge; 7/24 Sarah V, Jaycie S; 7/26 Kristin Wilson; 7/27 Joe McClellan; 7/28 Cindi Cooper; 7/29 Jamie B; 7/31 Alexis F, Emma B

July Anniversaries
7/5 Amanda & Dan Sabina (4); 7/6 Dawn & Jason Reed (22); 7/7 Susan & Don Smithburg (34); 7/10 Jamie & Jimmy Stitt (14); 7/14 Elaine & Presley Hughes (51); 7/15 Betty & Jimmy Reaves (52), Pat & Tom Crawford (58); 7/20 Kim & Bobby Jones (21), Nancy & Tom Hatcher (56)

Church Calendar