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a note from Pastor Jimmy

The Story Teller

Did you know it is still Easter? We celebrate Easter Sunday on April 1, but the Easter season continues up until Pentecost on May 20.  Easter Sunday is the day we remember that God’s love conquers even death itself and that we are invited to a resurrection. Holy Week and Easter celebrations are the pinnacle of what it means to be Christian. We continue to celebrate the season of Easter because there are questions that need to be answered. We need not only to celebrate and retell the story of Christ’s resurrection, but also we need to discern again what it means today.

I love talking to young kids. I especially love talking with my children. Sometimes, however, talking to them can make me want to pull my hair out! It is not so much the talking as the listening. My daughter is a wonderful storyteller. She adds dimension and emotion to the simplest of tales. Usually, this is endearing and entertaining, but sometimes I just want her to get to the point. When she tells me she has something important to share and begins with a story, I know I am in trouble. I get to hear about the events from everyone’s perspective. I get to hear how they responded and how my daughter perceived their reactions. I get to hear about how the events and responses made my daughter feel. Then, finally, I get to hear how the story ends. All of this drama just to tell me about lunch at school!

It is wonderful to be young and be so involved in such simple things, but I just want her to get to the point. Tell me what happened and why it is important for me to know. Is there something you need me to do? Are you telling me all this to ask for extra ice-cream money? Are you asking me to pack you a lunch tomorrow? What is it child? Dad loves your stories, but I have things to do.

Of course, as I have come to learn, it is the story and not just the conclusion that matters. Her stories create worlds in which we are characters with deep bonds. In our world these stories draw us together as family and friends. The story matters. In fact, all those extra perspectives matter along with the drama and the emotions. They matter because they tell me something about my daughter’s life and how she understands the world.

The Easter season is the time we get to retell God’s stories. We retell them in many different ways and from many different perspectives. In the process we are drawn closer to each other and God. We experience the emotions and drama again. We discover how God understands the world. When Pentecost arrives we will answer the question, “What should I do?” But before we get there we need to take the time to understand the deep, world changing, dramatic, and mysterious story of Easter. In so doing, we will discover we love not only the story, but also The Story Teller.

Thank God for children who love to tell their stories. May we hear God’s story again like children, and may we find new loves in the hearing and telling. Amen.

Rev. Jimmy Hendricks,

being a neighborhood church

UMW and GraceWorks Ministries
Our United Methodist Women are serving through giving to GraceWorks Ministries. Every month they are concentrating on a particular need of GraceWorks and would like to encourage the entire congregation to help. In April, they are collecting laundry detergent, and every month they are collecting items for the Fuel Bag program: peanut butter crackers, fruit snacks, cereal bars, granola bars, fruit cups, and pudding cups. Items can be left in the GraceWorks bin in the breezeway. Thank you!

Love Packages
Love Packages is a ministry that takes used Bibles and Christian literature and sends it all over the world. We have been sending our Upper Room magazines and Sunday School curriculum, but we need a volunteer to take our contributions to their collection point in Franklin about once a month. If you are interested, please see the Lay Leadership Committee or Pastor Jimmy. For more information, please visit

Second Sunday Breakfast
Please join us on April 8 at 9:30am for Second Sunday Breakfast. Bring a favorite breakfast dish to share and come fellowship between the services with church family from the other service!
The Emmaus Sunday School Class is responsible for set-up, drinks, and clean up on April 8. Please remember that the class responsible for Second Sunday Breakfast is also requested to provide cookies, donuts, or other snacks for all other Sundays of the month.
Please put all food away after fellowship on ALL Sundays. We are called to be fishers of men, not of mice and ants! This class is also responsible for returning the Fellowship Hall to “Sunday Setting” after breakfast.  Diagrams are posted on the kitchen doors.

United Methodist Women
The United Methodist Women met on March 14 with 20 members present.

In April, we will collect laundry detergent and fuel bag items for GraceWorks Ministries items. The UMW will contribute baked items to sell at the Buttercup Festival. The entire congregation is invited to help with the contributions.

Upcoming Harpeth River District UMW events:

  • April 7 - Intergenerational Event (see Susan Smithburg if interested)
  • April 19 - Partners in Mission Event, Columbia First UMC
  • April 21  - Woven Women’s Conference, Franklin First UMC with speaker Tiffany Bluhm
  • August 25 - District Mission Study, Hohenwald First UMC
  • September 22 - District Annual Meeting, Lawrenceburg First UMC

Upcoming Tennessee Conference UMW events:

  • July 12-13 Mission U, St. Mark’s UMC
  • August 4 Conference Executive Team Meeting - Murfreesboro FUMC
  • September 7-9 Spiritual Life Retreat, Beersheba Springs
  • October 13 Conference Annual Meeting, Murfreesboro First UMC; Priority Issues of 2018: Climate Justice, Incarceration, Civilization of Communities of Love, Maternal & Child Health, Economic Equality

Our next meeting will be Wednesday, April 11, 10:30am in the Fellowship Hall with Karen Hoffmeister as our hostess. We would love to see some new faces, so feel free to attend.

Respectfully submitted, Karen R. Hoffmeister, Secretary

Buttercup Festival
Join our neighbors and friends for the 19th Annual Buttercup Festival on Saturday, April 14, 10am-5pm. Our own United Methodist Men will have a food booth and free bouncies for the kids!

Kroger Community Rewards
Dear Nolensville First United Methodist Church,

The Kroger Family of Stores is committed to bringing hope and help to local communities. We do this through a variety of activities, including charitable giving, sponsorships and the unique Community Rewards Program of Kroger.

Your supporters (seventeen households) who shopped at Kroger between December 2017 and February 2018 have contributed to your $100.57 total donation. If you have any questions or would like to sign up to help contribute, please visit and link your Kroger card with Nolensville First UMC. Thank you for your continued support of your local Kroger store.

Thank you, Community Rewards Staff

Save the Date
Sunday, May 6 - Spaghetti Lunch and Cake Auction to benefit youth missions

experiencing a life-changing relationship with Jesus

Holy Week 
Sunday, April 1
8:30am Blended Worship Celebration with Holy Communion
10:45am Traditional Worship Celebration with Holy Communion
Easter is the most joyous and celebrative season of the Christian year. We celebrate the good news that in Christ’s death and resurrection we, and all creation, are continually being made new by God’s love and saving grace!

Cedar Crest Registration 
Parents, the early bird discount for Cedar Crest Camp is available until April 6. In addition to registering, please let Christina know if you plan to send your child(ren) to camp. We would like to know how many NFUMC kids are planning to attend.  

Please extend a warm welcome to our newest members, Candi and Paul Eichstaedt and their children, Will and Annie. We are so glad you are part of our family!

Youth Events in April
Wed - Apr 4 - Youth@Midweek (5-7pm)
Sun - Apr 8 - Parent Meeting (12pm)
                     Confirmation 8th grade & Up (3-4:30pm)
                     Youth@514 (5-7pm)
Tue - Apr 10 - Confirmation 6th & 7th grades (5:30-7pm)
Wed - Apr 11 - Youth@Midweek (5-7pm)
Sun - Apr 15 - Confirmation 8th grade & Up (3-4:30pm)
                     Youth@514 (5-7pm)
Tue - Apr 17 - Confirmation 6th & 7th grades (5:30-7pm)
Wed - Apr 18 - Youth@Midweek (5-7pm)
Sun - Apr 22 - Confirmation 8th grade & Up (3-4:30pm)
                     Youth@514 (5-7pm)
Tue - Apr 24 - Confirmation 6th & 7th grades (5:30-7pm)
Wed - Apr 25 - Youth@Midweek (5-7pm)
Sun - Apr 29 - Youth@Play: Pizza & Game Galaxy (5-8pm - $15)

PARENT MEETING - All parents are youth are encouraged to attend a brief and informative meeting on Sunday, April 8 at 12pm. We will begin organizing and planning the Annual Spaghetti Lunch & Cake Auction and go over final details for summer mission trips and calendar. 

SPAGHETTI LUNCH & CAKE AUCTION - Mark your calendars for the annual Spaghetti Lunch & Cake Auction! This lunch will take place on Sunday, May 6, 12-2p and money raised will go towards our summer mission trips! Parents of youth are asked to bring a spaghetti sauce. 

Weekly Programming:

YOUTH@514: SUNDAYS 5-7pm —  Join us for a time focused on growing together in our faith through food, games, worship, a lesson, and small group discussions.

YOUTH@MIDWEEK: WEDNESDAYS 5-7pm —  Join us for a time of food, fun, and fellowship. This time is laid back and you are welcome to bring homework and friends! We will always begin our time with dinner and end with a short devotion.

Peace, Meggie McDowell, Youth Director,

resources & administration

Church Council of Stewards
The work of the Church Council of Stewards is to envision, plan, implement, and annually evaluate Nolensville First UMC’s ministry and mission. All are invited to the meeting on Tuesday, April 10, at 7pm in the Fellowship Hall.

Tables Available
The Trustees will donate some of our older, heavy rectangular tables.  If you are interested in any, for yourself or a group, please contact Laura Newman at 615-556-9684.  She will be happy to meet with you and show you which ones are available.  

Leadership Meetings in 2018
Church Council of Stewards:

  • April 10, 7pm
  • June 12, 7pm
  • August 14, 7pm
  • October 9, 7pm
  • December 11, 7pm

Finance Committee:

  • May 17,  7pm

Lay Leadership Committee:

  •  April 8, 1:30pm

Board of Trustees:

  • April 3, 7pm
  • May 1, 7pm
  • June 5, 7pm
  • July 3, 7pm
  • August 7, 7pm
  • September 4, 7pm
  • October 2, 7pm
  • November 6, 7pm
  • December 4, 7pm

Jacob’s Ladder Board:

  • May 7, 6:30pm
  • August 6, 6:30pm
  • November 5, 6:30pm

Staff Training
On April 11-14, Chris Grosson will be attending the national conference of the Professional Administrators of the United Methodist Connectional Structure (PAUMCS) to maintain her professional certification. She will attend a training for advanced certification in August.

April Birthdays
4/2 Celia Leech; 4/5 Jackie McGhee; 4/8 Scott Lindsey; 4/9 Ken Cunningham; 4/10 Archie Z; 4/11 Hannah Maynard; 4/12 Morris Skinner, Beckett E, Thorin V; 4/13 Kim Jones; 4/15 Abby H; 4/16 Karen Hoffmeister, Carol Matlock; 4/17 Zannie Martin; 4/19 Steve Milne; 4/20 Jimmy Murphy; 4/21 Kevin Gavin, Laura Shelton; 4/24 Lauren B; 4/26 Nancy D; 4/27 Jan Jones, Jamie Stitt, Dawson Murphy; 4/28 Melissa Thomas, Jeremy W; 4/29 Betty Reaves; 4/30 Carol M

April Anniversaries
4/1 Nancy & Hoyt Bedingfield (3); 4/10 Carolyn & Morris Skinner (59); 4/12 Linda & Darrell Hall (21); 4/16 Mary Beth & Kenneth Moore (35); 4/23 Barbara & Jason Fohr (24)

Did You Know?
You can find NFUMC forms and applications on the website at

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